Rita Singh - India's first women figure champ

Rita Singh - India's first women figure champ

It has been an honour to be able to compete at the prestigious NPC NORTH EASTERN SUMMER CLASSIC. Being the first woman from India to compete in Masters above the age group of 45+ in the figure division, I am really thankful to the National Physique Committee for welcoming me and allowing me to compete. It was an honour to have received the second place in the open category, second place in the Masters and the third place in the novice category.

I had always been involved in the Fitness industry. While I had made a lot of efforts in the past few years to improvise on my strength,endurance and fitness levels, I had not yet achieved a body composition suitable for competitive stage. The Figure division in the IFBB truly intrigued me. Being an awesome combination of feminine beauty and muscles, representing the fascinating strength in a woman, I could relate to it with all my heart and I knew this is where I belong and this is what I want to achieve. Since I was not having any previous experience in this division, I was fortunate to have the guidance of IFBB Pro Fakhri Mubarak for my contest preparation. Kenny Wallach, who is the posing coach for some of the best athletes in the world, including many Olympians, taught me posing on Skype. I got to learn so much from these classes and also had the confidence and thankfulness that I am able to get the best guidance in the world. I feel extremely blessed. Every week, my diet and training was modified, according to my progress so that I improve each single day and there's no stagnation. It takes very consistent and honest efforts especially for a woman to grow muscles. The right combination of cardiovascular, strength training and resistance exercises along with proper nutrition and rest with loads of patience and a never give up attitude is the only way to get there. There is no short cut and you cannot fake strength.

Being a woman in India, at the age of 47 years, I had all the challenges and complications that would hold me back. Nevertheless, having reached the competition stage and posing out there, in itself was a moment of pride and sheer bliss for me. It was all worth it!

I look upon it as a very happy moment for me to be able to have set an example especially for the older women in India, who give up on their dreams once they cross 40+. Having gone through 13 major surgeries, looking after and successfully bringing up a child having autism who has now done his MSc. in U.K, while there was a time when most doctors said that he would never be able to even speak, having had an extremely complex family life after a childhood with a mother suffering with severe case of schizophrenia, I completed my post-graduation, and also my education in Indian Classical music and now having a full time business in nutritional supplements and fitness counselling, I pursued my competitive career after giving away two decades to my child and family. I dedicate this to all women who have endlessly sacrificed their lives for their family and by then theyare so exhausted that they just give up. Would just love to say one thing, "Rise and Shine ". It is never too late. I do hope to go on further ahead and win accolades for my country, make it a learning experience and prove that age is just a number. . I wish to thank Dr. Randhir Hastir, who has stood by me through the years and always encouraged me to go on trying. I am thankful that I have his support,blessings and wishes. I am thankful to the federation in India, that they are doing great work here and I truly wish to represent India on the International stage in the Figure division. That would be a moment of great pride and honour for me and I am looking forward to that.


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