Right Age to go to GYM

Right Age to go to GYM

It is the biggest notion around, that what is the youngest age to start gyming. Truly speaking exercise is the natural movement of limbs and trunk right from the first month of life. The baby in the very first year of life, develop stamina, power and flexibility. The child lies on the back move its arms and legs continuously for many minutes without getting tired. If an adult start similar legs and arm movement for few minutes, he will definitely get tired. Crawling, walking, running and Cycling are sort of gyming exercises where the muscles get exerted against resistance.

If there is no age to start walking, cycling, swimming, running in among children then why there is age limit to start gym. If we see the gym exercise movements, you can easily observe that all the movements are natural and normal movement of the muscle. Movements like push ups, squats, chinups, front press, barbell curls etc. are the natural bio-mechanical movements, where the muscles exert against the resistance along with the biological movement of the muscle group. This leads to strengthening of muscle, leaving less pressure on joints and ligaments. Whereas sports like wrestling, kabbadi, boxing, all ball games and racket games are injury prone activities if played at very high intensity. In these sports, it is uncertain that what will be the next movement and which muscle , joint, ligament or tendon has to exert. For this the body has to do certain unusual and unorthodox movement like rotation, rowing, pivoting, circumduction, dorsiflexion etc. These movements are injury prone and can leads to unwanted sprain and strains if done to difficult and strength full actions.

Where as the gym exercise movements are simple flexion and extensions of the muscles during the natural physiological movements. It spare the joints, ligaments and tendons buts strengthen the muscles because of less sets and reps. But the problem is that in the young children below the age of 14 the concentration, involvement, seriousness, stability, balance, safety, awareness, result orientations etc. are not there and this can lead to unwanted accident resulting to drop off from the gym exercises. The exercises in the gym are slightly boring which may not attract the young one to stay long in the gym. It is the duty of the trainer to make the exercise much entertaining and teach the basic , safe and right movements of the exercise to new comers, so that they may learn the right technique. It is great that lot of gym machines has come up in the market or in the gym which are safe and the movement of the body actions are as per the action of the mechanical machines.

It is advised that around the age of 14 the gym is the best activities where the advantage of gym can be achieved without any problem. The flow of natural hormone at this age among men and women is increased and the natural growth factor is potentiated by gym exercises leading to good strong, muscular, lean and healthy physique in men and shapely, lean healthy with good contour among women. Be careful that children are mentally healthy, good intelligent train under well qualified, certified and motivating trainers.


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