Legendary India

Bodybuilding In India is popular since its inspection there were many fantastic legends like

(1) Brigadier Dr. V.P. Dhand winner of Bhartshree (Mr. India 2 times) represented India at Mr. Universe contest at Bagdad.

(2) Flt Sgt. Malakar R.N. winner of Mr. India 1969 and many time Mr. Services, a product of communication center training Institute Air force.

(3) Mr. K Saddqui from Indian Navy won Mr. Services 3 times Mr. India and presented India at Mr. Universe Kaulampur at Manila.

(4) A team of Mr. India and National Champions of the year 1977 from services. The prominent are H.K. Barghuwin, Lalit Adhikari, Surinder Singh and many services champions.