Old Indian Bodybuilders

Old Indian Bodybuilders

Legendary India

Bodybuilding In India is popular since its inspection there were many fantastic legends like

(1) Brigadier Dr. V.P. Dhand winner of Bhartshree (Mr. India 2 times) represented India at Mr. Universe contest at Bagdad.

(2) Flt Sgt. Malakar R.N. winner of Mr. India 1969 and many time Mr. Services, a product of communication center training Institute Air force.

(3) Mr. K Saddqui from Indian Navy won Mr. Services 3 times Mr. India and presented India at Mr. Universe Kaulampur at Manila.

(4) A team of Mr. India and National Champions of the year 1977 from services. The prominent are H.K. Barghuwin, Lalit Adhikari, Surinder Singh and many services champions.


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