Carb Cycle

Take the time to eat breakfast in the morning. Breakfast should include complex carbohydrates and clean protein. Essentially, complex carbohydrates provide energy and the protein ensures that the body has material readily available for rebuilding tissues. Combining the complex carbohydrate with a protein stabilizes blood sugar levels and stokes the metabolism. Fail to provide your body with the energy that it requires to function properly and it will feed off of your muscle tissue and ultimately hamper your metabolism. A good combination here is a bowl of oatmeal,eggs, grapefruit and a cup of coffee.

Eat Six –eight small meals per day

This one requires some planning. The ‘meals’ referred to consist of a protein, complex carbohydrate and a fibrous carbohydrate. Some good combination include: chicken-rice/veritable and fish/medium baked potato-cheese/green beans-rice-dal/chapatti-dal-curd etc. Lean cuts of beef (once a week) sweet potato/salad salmon/quinoa/asparagus.

Eat every three hours

This also requires some planning. Eating every three hours keeps the blood sugar/insulin levels stable throughout the day, control carvings, prevent binging, reduces fat storage and keeps the metabolism burning hot.

Here is the thing; eating frequently makes you burn more calories. On the contrary, missing meals immediately slows the metabolism, triggers the body’s starvation response and triggers the body’s starvation response and thus sounds the death kneel for fat burning.


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