Mr Amit Chaudhary

Mr Amit Chaudhary

Amit Chaudhary is a top Bodybuilder of the country winning Mr. India competition many times. He comes from Uttar Pradesh. He is the younger brother of IBBFF vice president Mr. Anurag Choudhary. Unmarried Amit received the highest hounor of being best sportsman of Uttar Pradesh from the Govt. of UP. He has given the following lines justifing is magnetic physique. I do lots off metabolic workouts its my secrets of my ripped body... One body part in a week Abs depends on my mood... Consume food supplement throughout the year (glutamine, taurine, whey, BCCA, amino and antioxidant) I take lots off protein diet..which comes from whey protein, eggs white, chicken and skimmed milk and almonds... That's why I use minimum carb and fats... I love and respect my body that's why I train throughout the year and don't follow off season... I hate fatty body of other bodybuilders when they are in off season and out of form. One should remain inform throughout the year. My body is carbohydrate sensitive body, so I avoid all simple sugars and sweets. I do all year spilt system of workout...' whole year I do morning n evening workout... 6 day on 1 day off and some time 3 on 1 off and 2 on 1 off... Ans from Amit I use to eat lots of salad for vegetable, vitamins and fibers.... I never use androgenic hormones n anabolics... And I like smart body I don't like huge and unsymmetrical bodies I use lots off ayurvedic medicamensts and method to maintain my body.... I love bodybuilding. .its in my blood and soul... That's why I maintain my body weight and form same from the last 12 years. ..but make hard and defined body every year.... I am 100% natural. ... In my whole life of bodybuilding I never use any fat burner and diuretics I have gone through WADA and NADA dope testing for 13 times and I was always negative and dope free.... My message to stay inform throughout the year and remain dope free for long bodybuilding carrier. Winning and loosing is entirely your luck and destiny.

Amit Choudhary


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