More sets more size

More sets more size

BBi Myth #5 More sets more size is normally taken as sure. If some one says he want to get bigger arms, he will be eager to do more, rather he will buy a pair of dumbbells and will keep at home and will go for 2 to 3 exercises for biceps on the rest days from the regular gyming. This never helps, rather the arms get over trained and the size of the arms never improves. This can lead to the losing of present size.

The basic physiological need is ''More sets for bigger muscles and less sets small muscles''.

Bigger muscles like Legs, back and chest in one session needs only 6 to 8 sets in toto and for medium muscles like shoulders, calves, and hips need 3 to 4 sets and smaller muscles Like biceps, triceps , lower back and abs needs 2 to 3 sets in one sessions.

One should be carefull that the smaller muscles get overtrained faster as they have to do the basic movements for major muscles.


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