Last Kick - Water and Sodium Management

Last Kick - Water and Sodium Management

Salt (Sodium chloride) and water are the two main components in the body which care for the 30% of the water weight lying under your skin and outside the tissues. Whereas 70% of the water lies into the cells to make our total musculature and other important body fluids.

Any unwanted and unnatural interference in the water sodium level is dangerous and can lead to serious metabolic problems may lead to simple cramps, palpitation, dehydration, syncope or even death. This should be done only by serious national and international bodybuilders under the expert guidance of your able guide or trainer.

Preparing for a competition means, you have achieved a specific standard in your physique and want to present best of it. I would like to mention that depending upon the standard of the competition one must have some basic body standard to compete. I mean to say that if you are competing at district level in the remote area, it means you should have at least 15-16% body fat with balanced mass and size. And if you are to compete at a state level then you must have 10-12% body fat with good mass and musculature. For a National level competition you should have body fat percentage of 9-12% with huge mass and symmetry. For International competitions one must have at least 6-9% body fat with extraordinary big musculature and mass in proportion to his height. The carb, sodium and water loading and depletion can help you to present some better skin shine muscular striations for just 1-2% of your visual impact. The sodium (Salt) loading and depletion a bit tricky and dangerous for your internal system and if not done correctly can lead to big health hazards. I would suggest you that if you have not achieved the basic standard of the body for any above mentioned level competition, then you should not think of going for this big taxation on your health. I am going to give outline of this procedure but make sure you must not do this unless you are national athlete and you should not do more than once or two a year.

Procedure: 1. Sodium Loading phase: This phase start seven day before competition, when we start adding 5 grams of salt every day. For e.g. on day seven at 5 grams, day six-10 grams, day five-15 grams, day four-20 grams. Do not stop water rather take more water till fourth day. This will help the intra and extra cellular water to accumulate more to give you a bigger, heavier and bloated look.

2. Sodium Depletion phase: This phase start on the night of the 4th day when we start reducing the salt by cutting down exactly to half measuring 10gram on the 3rd day and normal 0 grams on 2nd day and we continue with no salt for the 2nd, 1st and the competition day.

3. Water Depletion: Right from the day 3rd evening we cut the water intake gradually for the next 2 and half day. The last 1 and half day is the only period which is without salt and water. (Caution: Never leave salt and water for long periods it is dangerous and killing.)

4. Some potassium intake: When we stop water and salt suddenly the potassium level also drops, but we need some potassium supplements to maintain and increase intra cellular water in the muscles and reduces the extra cellular water (water below the skin). To get small dozes of potassium you can insist upon pomegranate, banana, apple or half one spoon of potassium chloride solution in diluted form.

At very crucial stage one has to stop milk and milk products because they contain sodium. Even the water which has to be taken in very less quantity need to be distilled water. Rather than mineral water because mineral water and ordinary tap water may contain some salts and minerals as trace elements.

This will help to increase blood flow in the veins and removing the sub skin fluids to give a tough and strong look of the body. So be careful doing many times and for long time can affect your kidneys, heart, brain and electrolyte balance, may leads to serious consequences. Make sure you should not stop training hard and cardio.

For carbo loading and depletion there is no hard and fast rule for bodybuilding spot it can be great for power sports like power-lifting, weightlifting, athletics etc.


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