Indian Oak -- Vinay Mahala

Indian Oak -- Vinay Mahala
Like Arnold is know as Austrian Oak Vinay is Indian Oak, He has similarities with Arnold Having sligtly short torso then his long legs. Six feet two inches tall Vinay is 110kg.. He is strong and big muscular. Thid big man has all the potential to be a great international.
Many time Heavy weight Mr. India Mr. VINAY MAHALA is an up coming international star from Delhi. H e trains at Fitness Future Gym in Delhi under the able guidance of Mr. Suresh Kumar JIMY. He has won all the possible tittles many times. MR. Delhi 5 times, North India 4 times, Mr. India 5 times, Federation cup 3 times.
He is the son of Late Sh. Mahesh Kumar Mahala mother Mrs Shakuntla. Lives in JJ colony wazirpur New Delhi. He consume of 15-20 eggs, 1 kg chicken, 2lts. milk and lot of salad, fruits. To his weight he eat enough to gain muscle every year.
His training is based of rest pause principle. He train Pushing muscles on first day , pulling muscles on other day and legs on third day and take rest every 4rth. day ..He dose lot of cardios after exercise 2-3 times a week.
He want to get a government job in any department so that he could get enough time and money to continue his training to be the world class and bring laurel to the family and to the country.


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