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A vacation is a time to relax, explore and embrace a break from your busy life. But, whether you’re visiting family or traveling with them, it can at times be a stressful affair that disrupts healthy eating routines. However, with proper planning, we can show you how to eat healthy on vacation.

Here, we are sharing some amazing tips with you to keep you fit even on a vacation.

  • Just say “no.”

When you’re traveling with friends or family, you’re always under peer pressure of eating food. But start practicing saying “NO” to unhealthy food and keep saying it. Just say no thank you and that you’re not hungry and if it doesn’t work the first time, try, try, again.

  • Visit the local grocery store

Visit the local grocery store and explore all the regional foods. If you’re staying with family, stock up on your healthy meal plan staples and keep them at home. If your family are up for it, why not offer to plan and cook dinner so you can buy well-balanced foods and share your favorite recipes with them. If you’re staying in a hotel or hostel, get foods that don’t require refrigeration like nuts or nut butter, whole grain bread, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

  • Eat breakfast in

It’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it’s also one of the easiest way to keep you on track. Preparing and eating breakfast will help fuel you for the entire day.

  • Travel hack 

Keep plain oats and nuts wherever you go. Even if you’re in a hotel, add some hot water, and you’ve got yourself a cheap, easy, and healthy breakfast-to-go.

  • Pack snacks

Ever wonder why you go straight for the candy when you go to the grocery store after a long day? Even if you’ve got the best intentions, when you’re starving you will grab the quickest source of fuel. To prevent entering the hunger danger zone, bring easy to pack snacks with you like nuts, dried soybeans, minimally processed jerky, hard-boiled eggs, string cheese, peanut butter, and celery sticks.

  • Focus on fruits and veggies

When in doubt think to fill half of your plate with vegetables, a quarter with protein and a quarter with whole grains or complex carbs then add a dash of healthy fat. Aim to add fresh fruits or vegetables in your every meal and snack. This will give you nutrients and nourish your body while traveling.

Be gentle with yourself and realize that the vacation won’t last forever and enjoy non-food related fun and activities. Try your best to eat healthy on a vacation and know that every meal or movement is a chance to practice self-care.

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