Grape-Berry Protein Smoothie   

Grape-Berry Protein Smoothie   
Grape-Berry protein smoothie is the best weight loss shake to help you shed unwanted belly fat and lose weight. Grapes are loaded with minerals, but they are also sweet and delicious. Combined with blueberries, they yield a smoothie that is rather a dessert than a drink. It’s thick and fragrant, as well as addictive. One glass of this smoothie makes you crave for more Ingredients 1 teaspoon dry chia seeds 2 scoops vanilla protein powder 1 ½ cups seedless red or purple grapes 1/2 cup blueberries 1 teaspoon flaxseed oil 1/2 cup water Preparation Blending a handful of grapes into your smoothie further breaks down the nutrient-packed skin, making it easier for your body to absorb all that goodness. Plus with 25 grams of protein, you’ll be powering through your day in no time. Nutrition Calories 116.8, Total fat 0.9 g, Saturated Fat 0.4 cholesterol 2.3 mg Carbohydrate 32.4 g, Dietary Fiber 3.4 sugars 19.8 g, Protein 4.1


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