Gain Weight During Summer

Gain Weight During Summer
If you want to gain weight during summer, taking to certain habits while avoiding the harmful ones is the key. Finding ways to gain weight in the summer requires attention to not only food choices but temperature as well. Consult your doctor or dietician for help designing a weight-gain meal plan that fits your specific needs. In this article we have described best ways to gain weight in summers. Free weight helps a lot- Use free weight when working out instead of isolation exercises. These include overhead press, chest press; bend over rows, lunges, curls and stiff dead lifts. 8-12 reps for each set and four or five sets daily is the recommendation for a healthy individual. High calorie food- Always carries high-calorie foods with you. Nuts, dried fruits, seeds, dried berries and coconut should always be with you, packed in your lunch bag. Take these to your office or eat them in between your meals. More calories would naturally get added in your daily intake. Your foods should be high in calories, minerals and vitamins, and not fat and sugar. These unhealthy calories should be avoided. Each of your serving should be packed with more nutrition. Beat the summer heat- Drinking your calories is one way to up your intake for weight gain. Choose your beverages to increase your caloric intake with caution. Drinks such as sodas, beer, wine and others served at parties are not the ideal choices for weight gain. The calories they contain are empty, i.e. those that cause unhealthy weight gain. Natural fruit juices and drinks such as mango shakes should be preferred. A refreshing fruit smoothie carries plenty of caloric heft; add yogurt or soy milk for a little protein. Nutritional balance is important- Remember nutritional balance is more important. Avoid skipping meals and get a wide variety of different foods into your meals for balance nutrition. Although you may be tempted to eat something that cools you down, if you plan on eating ice cream all summer, that is too cool. Make sure to get variety in your meals and you are set. Protein Shakes- Athletes and sportsman who are involved in intense sports usually make use of protein drinks to maintain their levels of energy. However, protein shakes for weight gain for men and women are sometimes advised. Protein shakes for weight gain for women and men are effective provided they are combined with regular weight training. Hence, it is recommended by doctors to have protein shakes to increase weight healthily. This is because apart from proteins, the shakes contain other nutrients helpful in weight gain. Fruits- Fruits can be a refreshing and tasty dessert option or snack, and most of them are full of minerals and vitamins that make us very healthy. However, fruits can make you gain weight as some have a higher sugar and calorie content. Canned fruits may be convenient and tasty, but they come with a lot of sugary syrup, which can bring about weight gain. Consuming dry fruits for increasing weight can be effective because when the water is taken out to dehydrate the fruit, the concentration of sugar becomes more, and the fruit becomes denser with calories. Weight gain can happen with mango when sugar is added to the mango drinks. Fruits juices are also considered to be concentrated with natural sugar even though none has been added.


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