Eating less digests more

Eating less digests more

It is hard fact that one must eat less, slow and frequent meals to get the best for the nutrients digested by the digestive system. It is like there is rain out side and you are asked to go to your car parked 100 meters away. If you walk slowly you will get wet almost completely, but if you run to the car you may not get wet that much. Similarly, if you are very heavy and big you will get wet less and if you are very thin then you will get wet completely. It is like if we eat fast, more and heavy then with gravity big meals will go down fast in the rain of digestive enzymes and less enzymes will act on food. Thus, the digestion will be less and majority of the food will get undigested and will go waist. In Ectomorphics, it will go to toilet undigested and in Endomorphics, the carbs and fats will get digested and will turn to fat. So if you really want to get stronger, muscular and big then get the best digestion by eating less, small , slow, chewing more and enjoying taste.


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