Eat big to get big!!!

Eat big to get big!!!

Eating big does not means you will get bigger. If this is true then everyone can be monster by eating big basket every day. All it depends upon the persons built and structure. Eating more food may be veg or non veg does not mean it will become the part of body. Everyone has a limited capacity to digest the limited quantity of food at one time. For example a person of 60 kg can digest 300 kcals of food at one time in one meal. If he consumes more then that the big chunk of food will not get digested with limited quantity of digestive enzymes. The simple carbs like all sweets and animal fats get absorbed without digestion. But big quantity of proteins may be veg or non veg don't get digested and absorbed by the body, ultimately thrown out as undigested waste.

The beauty of weight gaining science is that the less you eat at one time for 5 to 6 times the better it goes to the system. This leads to slow and steady gain is always muscle gain. And if we eat big all 2 to 3 times, the gain will be more fatty not the muscular.

The thin people if eat more, will pass more undigested food and fatty one will store more fat every time. So in order to gain solid body weight eat small, balanced, multiple meals. Not a big basket for the sewerage gutter and stubborn fat.

Dr. Randhir Hastir Trainer of Trainers


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