Cardio: Fact or Myth?

Treadmill hurts
When you are determined to burn those excess calories, a workout regime becomes a part of your life. You may be working out at your best, but with no ultimate results. Today we are talking about cardio, specifically some common misconceptions that people have about cardio exercise.When it comes to cardiovascular exercise, you need to know how it works in order to make it work for you. There are a lot of myths surrounding cardio and how it works when it comes to burning calories. Some fitness experts to point out some of the most common myths they’ve heard during the course of coaching and training.
Myth 1: Cardio is the only key to burn fat Cardio training is ideal for immediate fat burn but strength training increases muscle mass which in the long term makes your body a more efficient fat burning machine. Cardio has its benefits, but without a strength training component incorporated into your workout regimen, it’s going to be difficult to build the lean muscle mass. You need a combination of the cardio and strength training. Myth 2: Doing cardio on an empty stomach burns more fat Large muscles that power you through your cardio exercise rely heavily on a combination of carbs and fats for energy. When you run or bike on an empty stomach, your body will turn to the carb and fat fragments in your bloodstream and muscle stores, not to the fat in your fat cells to energize your workout. ." If you don't have accessible glycogen to start and keep you moving, you will not have an optimal workout. Sub optimal workouts do not produce optimal results.It is important to follow a healthy balanced diet and is hydrated when following a fitness programme. Myth 3: Long distance running is the only way improve endurance Long steady runs are integral in training for longer distances and increasing endurance. You should combine it with high intensity intervals of short speed bursts. These are excellent for increasing your cardio fitness and your speed over distance. Myth 4: Burn 500 calories during cardio exercise The workout machines only provide an estimated calorie count; try to focus on the intensity as it offers best of results. The benefit of working harder at short intervals is that it makes you burn more calories post your workout session. Use a heart rate to determine if you’re working hard enough. Myth 5:Intensity Doesn’t Matter The intensity of any cardio workout is extremely important, not just to burn more calories, but to jump higher, run faster, and get stronger. Cardio is categorized in three ways; high-intensity (maximum heart rate mhr 75-85 per cent), moderate intensity (mhr 60-70 per cent) and low intensity (mhr 50-55 per cent). Find your target heart rate and work out according to your fitness level. Myth 6: Cardio Is All You Need Cardio is an excellent and important form of exercise, but it shouldn’t be abused. Too much cardio, without proper strength training and conditioning, can result in joint pain, muscle discomfort and injury. For a well-rounded workout routine, be sure to incorporate some strength training and possibly even stretching, like yoga. Improving your cardio endurance allows you to breathe easier and perform daily activities more efficiently. .


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