BBI Tips For International Bodybuilding Competition

BBI Tips For International Bodybuilding Competition

That means one has to train hard to be stronger, muscular, ripped, bigger, heavier in his class. That means one has to go drug free, dope free and be the best on the day of the contest. Here are the following important points to follow:


1. You are preparing for an international events, this means you have already achieved a top positions in the national events. This means you have a better genetics than others. Forget about drugs and special tyari if you had done for that national event earlier.

2. The preparations must start 4-5 months prior to the event.

3. You can start preparations only if you have not taken any type of injectable doping including any, DRUGS, STEROIDS, hormone, GH, prohormone etc. at least 8-9 nine months before. If you had taken it will be better to prepare for next year events.

4. Oral ones you have to stop at all cost 5-6 months before.

5. One has to stay away from all type of drugs, unknown supplements, supplements with more margins, duplicate imported supplements.

6. Insist upon the supplements, which are original to the best of your knowledge. fassi license, proper trusted manufacturing or importer address with license number, help line number, web site etc>

7. If you don’t follow the above points you may get trapped innocently and unknowingly for doping charges.

Training tips:


  1. Keep intact the present muscle mass you already have.
  2. Improve the muscle mass, size, power and strength.
  3. Improve upon your weak body parts and keep the best part in form.
  4. Stay lean and muscular throughout the session.
  5. Keep getting bigger in size not in weight.
  6. Keep lowering body fat slowly.
  7. Keep or stay at your body weight just 2-3 kg above your competing category.
  8. Never bulk up or unwanted gaining. It is merely wastage of money, time and your efforts.
  9. Must do cardios 25-30 minutes twice a week immediately after training. Increase the cardios to three times a week just one month before the contest.
  10. Keep the repetitions 6-8 for all exercise throughout the sessions. Increase the reps to12 -15 reps 3 weeks before.
  11. Take minimum 4-6 minutes of rest between every set.
  12. Let every set be very heavy and struggle up to failure.
  13. Keep a record of every exercise in the term of reps and the weight lifted along with remarks.
  14. Avoid those exercises which are injury prone.
  15. Perform stretching after the work out every time.

Training Schedule:

Three days ON One day OFF

Two days ON One day OFF

Divide the body in three parts

A)DAY ONE: 6-8 sets of Chest, 3-4 sets of Shoulders and 2-3 sets Triceps + 25-30 mts cardios

B)DAY TWO: 6-8 sets of Back, 3-4 sets of Biceps, 2sets of trapezius and 2-3 sets of upper abs + stretching 10 mts.

C)DAY THREE: 6-8 sets of Legs, 2-3 sets calves, 2 sets lower back and 2-3 sets lower abs. + 25-30 mtscardios



DAY SIX Same as B


Again the cycle starts from C and continue

Priority training: 2-3 months:

If, you have any weak or lagging body part like legs, chest or arms. Then you have a time to improve the lagging part. The weak or lagging part means, it needs right amount of training and rest. The best and ideal is to take one day rest before and one day rest after the training.

Diet and Nutrition

Basic Fundas

a) Eat slowly and chew the food thoroughly.

b) Eat small 7-8 meals a day

c) Never drink water more than 200ml at one time rather keep sipping water throughout the day.

d) Keep Tiffin all the time carrying your liquid and solid meals?

e) Don’t take juices, shakes, sweets and other simple carbs .

f) Eat whole fruit one or two pieces at a time.

g) Consume all meals / supplements providing 30-35% proteins only.

h) Never consume only protein or only carbs. All the meals should be balanced one.

i) Use only that food stuff which is used by other members of your family in your house.

j) Avoid big meals.

k) Let every alternate meals to be easy meal in the form of supplements shake / milk / curd / sprouted / beans / nuts etc.



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