Avocado Strawberry Smoothie

avocado strawberry smoothie
This Avocado Strawberry smoothie is creamy and tastes like a dessert more than anything else, but in reality it’s a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients. The avocado in this blend allows the body to more easily absorbs all of the vitamins and nutrients from the banana and strawberries. This recipe is high in fiber and heart healthy fat and can act as either a weight loss tool, or a part of a healthy weight gain diet. Ingredients ¼ Cup milk ¾ Cup plain or vanilla yogurt 1 Whole banana 1 ½ Cup frozen strawberries ¼ avocado ¼ tsp Vanilla extract Preparation Pour the milk onto the blades of the blender, followed by the yogurt. If you want a thinner consistency, add more milk. Add the peeled banana and avocado, and then blend the mixture. When the mix is completely blended, add the frozen strawberries and blend until smooth. The fat content in this drink is what keeps your hunger at bay for longer. Many people who are dieting try to reduce their fat intake and end up choosing all kinds of “fat free” or “low fat” products that really do more harm than good. Nutrition Calories: 404 Total Fat: 12.5 g Saturated Fat: 3.5 g Cholesterol: 16 mg Sodium: 161 mg Total Carbohydrates: 63 g Dietary Fiber: 10 g Sugars: 41 g Protein: 15 g


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