A Big Blunder - Single Muscle Exercise

A Big Blunder - Single Muscle Exercise

I am surprised on the baseless single muscle exercise, schedule being given by so called coaches to thousands of upcoming body builders in various health clubs and fitness centres. Even the good champions and advance body builders are doing this type of training without knowing that they are doing wrong training. Before telling you about this blunder, I will mention that the champions and great body builders are not completely made but they are born with extra ordinary talent and are genetically gifted.

single muscle exercise training means doing chest on one day, shoulder on second day triceps on third day, back on fourth day, biceps on 5th day and legs on sixth day. I am receiving many calls from many areas of the countries including metropolitan cities where fitness experts and body masters are giving training in five stars, up graded high-tech gyms, regarding the one day training they are following without bigger results.

If you perform chest on Monday this means you have exploded 100% on chest, 60% on shoulder and 50% on triceps. Now if you perform shoulder on Tuesday then you explored 100% on shoulder, 50% on upper chest and 75% on triceps. Then you perform triceps on Wednesday then you explored 100% on triceps and about 20%-30% shoulder. This all 3 day pushing muscle routine will merely be an unwanted over training for small and medium muscle groups. This will result to slow development, unwanted injures and strains. Same thing happens when we perform back on one day and biceps on the other day. This will result to over training for small biceps and forearm muscles. Now performing legs on the six day will result into under training leading to no development of body part, because physiologically any muscle groups develops only after it is trained up to optimum intensity within 72 hours after an intensive workout.

Single muscle exercise in one week is like weekend sports those attract many type of injuries, strains and irregularity. So every body part should not be trained less than 2 times a week and not more than 3 times a week. It will be better if we divide our body into 2 or 3 parts to make or prepare physiologically scientific training schedule which will chance strength, energy, power, stamina and fast muscle growth without any injuries. We can divide our body in two parts one in upper body and the lower body. We can perform complete upper body training on one day and complete lower body on the other day and take one day off. Or we can divide our muscle group in 2 ways one pushing muscles and the other pulling muscles, because every body part of our body has pushing and pulling muscles those work antagonists to each other. Based on pulling and pushing muscle group we can perform chest, shoulder and triceps (pushing muscles) on Monday and back, biceps and abdomen (Pulling muscles) on Tuesday and finally legs on Wednesday. This way we can repeat the cycle for next days and rest on Sunday.

To, conclude, I will strongly condemn the single muscle exercise schedule for anybody to get proper weight training benefits. Please do not follow the senior body builder those are doing it because they are wasting time, or advise certain coaches those are advocating it, because they may be ignorant and innocent about the actual scientific approach and effects of body building training methods.


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