7 Home Workouts To Lose Weight Fast Without Any Equipment

7 Home Bodybuilding workouts

If the thought of going to crowded gyms with equipment hoarders makes you flinch, there's a simpler (and cheaper) way to stay fit. You can do tough fat burning workout at your home that requires no equipment can be just as effective as a full gym workout. You don’t need to spend thousands of rupees on a gym membership to work out on your body as you can start burning fat right away at your own home.

Ready to get fit? We will discuss 7 easy exercises which you can do on your hardwood floor. We recommend you to start out with 15 to 20 sets.

1 Squats (weight loss at home exercise):

Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and lower your hips (almost like you're sitting in a chair). As you bend your knees, your thighs will be parallel with the floor. Make sure your knees don’t go beyond your toes and keep your chest up and look straight ahead. Stand back up to start position and repeat the same.

2 Triceps Push-Ups (weight loss at home exercise):

Begin in plank position, place your hands on the floor and keep them under your shoulders. Lower your chest between your hands and push back up into the starting position. This counts as one rep.

3 Walking Lunge (weight loss at home exercise):

Being standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and place your arms to the side. Step forward with your right leg and lower your left knee towards the floor. Your knees should bend about 90 degrees. Make sure your right knee stays over your right ankle and don't let your knee go past your toes. Step up to equilibrium on your right foot and switch feet.

4 Single Leg Balance Stick (weight loss at home exercise):

The ability to stand on one leg is important. When walking, you spend about 40% of your time with one foot on the ground as the opposite leg is moving through the air. Balance on your right foot with your left foot behind you. Bend forward, keeping a straight body posture and lift your left heel towards the ceiling. Maintain a slight bend in your standing knee so you don’t lock your knee. If you're facing trouble in balancing, focus on something in front of you or hold your back leg for initial support.

5 Bird Dog (weight loss at home exercise):

Begin on all fours (downward dog), ensuring your hands are directly under your shoulders and your knees are directly under your hips. Slowly extend your right leg behind you and reach your right arm forward into a straight line. Hold your balance without bending your back. Come back to the initial position and repeat on the opposite side.

6 Side Plank Hip Drops (weight loss at home exercise):

Begin by lying on your right side with your right elbow directly lined under your shoulder. Keeping your feet on the floor, lift your hips off the floor and hold your body with your forearm. Hold for three seconds and slowly lower your right hip onto the floor and then repeat the set.

7 Superman Back Extension (weight loss at home exercise):

Lie facedown on the floor on your stomach and extend your arms forward (like you're flying). Gently raise your legs and upper body off the floor while keeping your head straight. Hold for a count and then return to the starting position.

You can practice the above exercises at your home to lose weight fast. We hope that you have found something which suits you for every day of the week. Share your favorite exercise in the comment section below. Keep working out!

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