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Labrada MULTI-VITAMIN for HER (100 Tablets)

Labrada MULTI-VITAMIN for HER (100 Tablets)

Rs. 1,400.00Rs. 900.00
Labrada's MULTI-VITAMIN have a single motto that is to keep our health in good condition. Each tablet contains :   Contains 12 vitamins & 11 minerals to boost your immunity...
Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer (Indian)

Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer (Indian)

Rs. 1,105.00 – Rs. 4,800.00
  Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer 11 lbs Chocolate, a great source of protein, is the perfect supplement to gain loads of calories in a healthy way. This mass gainer has...
Labrada SUPER CHARGE Pre-Workout - Halt

Labrada SUPER CHARGE Pre-Workout

Rs. 2,499.00Rs. 2,149.00
  Safety Information: Take 30-60 minutes before your workout for ideal results. Do not consume 5 hours before sleep. Pregnant or lactating women or people with known medical conditions and...