Monotosh Roy

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Monotosh Roy

Born 1917 in Gajaria in Dacca districtof India.

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Died June 29th 2005.

Roy started exercising at 12 and entered his first competition in 1939. In1942 he won the East Indian Bodybuilding Championship and in 1947 won the All India competition. He was an early pupil of B.C. Ghosh

In 1951 he won the Mr. Universe (Class 3-short men division) competition. His height was 5′ 5″

He later taught at Calcutta University, Law College and played an important role in the development of the IFBB in India and was credited as being the Founder Member.

In his later years he gave up Physical Culture and became bed-ridden.

He died at the age of 88 of Cardiac Arrest in a Nursing Home in Kolkata, leaving behind three sons and a daughter.

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