The Great Khamkar

Suhas Khamkar (born August 9, 1980) is a professional

bodybuilder from India.

Suhas Khamkar

A native of Kolhapur region, Suhas comes from a family of fitness experts and bodybuilders. Suhas’s inspiration for body building can be traced back to his home town Kolhapur where he grew up watching many wrestlers and body builders. However in the year 1997 at the age of 16, Suhas drew inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger and embarked on a journey of becoming a world champion in the sport of bodybuilding.

Mumbai Oct. 22 :- Suhas Khamkar, Asia Body Builder Champion were meet to Shiv Sena Chief Balasaheb Thackeray on his residence Matoshri in Mumbai. ( pic by Ravindra Zende ) Suhas Khamkar Suhas Khamkar 1 Suhas Khamkar 2 Suhas Khamkar 3 Suhas Khamkar 4 Suhas Khamkar 5 Suhas Khamkar 6 Suhas Khamkar 7 Suhas Khamkar 8 Suhas Khamkar 9

Suhas started his training under Bibhishan Patil,a famous wrestler and also a Kolhapur native. Bibhishal Patil taught Suhas various attributes & techniques of bodybuilding and rendered detailed information about the sport. After his family moved to Mumbai, Suhas continued working on his fitness and career goal and took inspiration from a lot of local bodybuilders along the way.

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An employee of Central Railway of India, Suhas Khamkar is the first to win a national level gold medal in the Railways national competitions.

Suhas is also an entrepreneur and runs Khamkar’s Total Fitness
“I am currently Nayab Tehsildar with the revenue department, and I have requested the government to give me the post of Tehsildar or Deputy Collector. Being a Maharashtra sportsman who has achieved new highs in bodybuilding, I have been getting support from all parties,” Khamkar added. A part from Khamkar, there are 11 such sportspersons who have been given Class-I and Class-II jobs.

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